Disney Vacation Tips: Child Swap 101


Disney wants to make sure that everyone that travels to this “happy place” can have an equal amount of fun! After all that was Walt’s mission when he created Disneyland and Roy continued Walt’s wishes when he finished off the massive project, Walt Disney World.

Of all of the wonderful things that Disney has implemented throughout the parks, Child Swap has to be the one that I am most grateful for. If you are traveling to Disney World with small children you MUST know about Child Swap and you MUST know how to use it. Do not fear…it is simple and ingenious!!

What is Child Swap?

Child Swap is a program that allows people in your group to ride an attraction, such as the more thrilling rides while an adult stays back with those that are too small to enjoy the attraction. Once the first group has experienced the attraction the second group that stayed off can now enjoy the attraction while the first group stays back with the non-riders.

How do you use Child Swap?

You MUST let the Cast Member at the entrance of the queue know that you want to use the Child Swap system. The Cast Members are very fast and efficient and know how to handle Child Swap. They will need to see the people in your party that are staying off the attraction. You will then be given a Child Swap ticket which is very similar to a Fastpass.

Know before you go!

  • Each Child Swap ticket is good for up to 3 people, this is so that nobody has to go alone. You can even take a rider from the first group on the attraction again for double the fun!
  • Child Swap is not advertised, but do not be afraid to ask about it at each attraction. The Cast Members at Disney World are ready and willing to help you.

So when traveling with small children don’t forget that you can still enjoy some of the more thrilling attractions with the help of Child Swap. :0)

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Kelly, her husband, and three children live in the Chicagoland area. Kelly has been traveling to Walt Disney World since the age of two. She considers Walt Disney World to be her primary vacation destination. With 20 plus trips under her belt she still enjoys researching and learning new things about the most magical place on earth! 

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  2. Ah, yes! a handy tool for our next trip with the Grand Daughter!

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